• Dispersion in a foam
    Dispersion in a foam

    Evolution of a concentration pulse transported in a metal foam. Copyright IUSTI/CNRS and AMU

  • iMorph

    iMorph an open Source project for visualisation and morphological analysis of porous materials Copyright IUSTI/CNRS and AMU

  • Hybrid random walks for conducto-radiative heat transfer in refractory foams
    Hybrid random walks for conducto-radiative heat transfer in refractory foams
    A computational method developed at LCTS (Bordeaux). More details can be found here
  • ZSM-5 pore system

    generated by ZEOMICS, a computational zeolite characterization tool developed at Princeton University.

  • Mixing Front

    Mixing front in a porous media. Copyright FAST/CNRS and GMP/UBA

  • Bentonite grain expanding between sand grains - lms.epfl.ch/en

    Sand/Bentonite mixtures are used in EBS for confinement of hazardous wastes.

The 7th International Conference on Porous Media & Annual meeting of the InterPore Society for Porous Media was held from May 18th through the 21st, 2015 in Padova, Italy. The conference was held in a tremendously historical and culturally rich region, less than 40 kilometers from the famous city of Venice. The forum provided an opportunity for a diverse group of porous media researchers, including theoreticians, modelers, and experimentalists, to share their ideas, methods and findings. Although the attendees came from widely varying backgrounds and current areas of interest, many of them shared common approaches to their work, including pore-scale imaging and modeling, upscaling, laboratory experimentation and numerical simulation. The proceedings consisted of four plenary lectures, 22 invited presentations, 310 oral contributions, and 252 poster presentations, distributed among five general sessions and 38 minisymposia. The breadth of presented research topics was outstanding, including both fundamental processes and application-related issues.